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We like to wash dishes!

"If the company is focused on producing only dishwashers,
then its machines will wash the dishes with special love!"
Flavia, design with care!

Flavia is the exclusive brand specializing in development and production only of dishwashers.


The young, promptly developing Flavia brand is based in Italy in 2008. Experts-founders in a segment of household appliances have decided to enclose all the scientific and technical potential in production and improvement of dishwashers. The brand bears a beautiful woman's name – Flavia as the woman who has invented the first mechanized dishwasher.
In 2011 the Flavia brand has been presented at the Russian market, as one of the most developing and perspective. In Russia Flavia became the exclusive brand specializing in development and production only of dishwashers.
Experience of experts of Flavia which have studied preferences of consumers has allowed to create the range completely corresponding to the main criteria: optimum set of functions, high reliability and safety of use, intuitively clear operation, maximum convenience and efficiency.

Today Flavia frees tens of thousands of housewives from washing the dishes!

Narrow specialization of Flavia allows to concentrate on improvement of technical characteristics of dishwashers and to react quickly to the slightest changes in preferences of consumers.
Therefore today all narrow and full-size FLAVIA dishwashers are equipped:
• The Auto program on the basis of Aquasensor - a combination of PRACTICALITY and ideal result of washing
• LED lightning provides CONVENIENCE when filling salt, cleaning the filter, loading and unloading of tableware
• Electronic AQUA-STOP turns off water supply in case of detection of leak for the maximum SAFETY.

The purpose of Flavia-to help people in kitchen, to give them freedom from a daily routine, so to do them happier!

Vision of Flavia:
Concept of Flavia-care philosophy.

Flavia values:
• Care of the consumers
• Professionalism in technologies, in quality management, in work with people
• Development and innovations

Choosing Flavia, you give preference to those who have already taken care of you and considers your convenience the top priority.
Choosing Flavia, you receive the convenient, reliable, modern dishwashers facilitating life.


Quiet operation

The use the state-of-the-art technologies and additional noise insulation has made it possible to achieve noise level reduction in the operating mode down to 44 dB. With silent Flavia dishwashers you can keep enjoying comfortable communicate with family and friends.


The automatic washing program determines the degree of dirtiness of the tableware and the necessary temperature and cycle duration. Pressing one button selects a program, capable of washing tableware at the temperature from 40 to 65 ° C with the minimum possible water consumption. The principle of the automatic program is based on the determination of the dirtiness of tableware by analyzing the transparency of water during the test rinsing cycle.

Delayed start

<p>The start of the dishwasher can be delayed by 1 to 24 hours with 1 hour step. After the set delay period has elapsed, the machine will automatically turn on and start the pre-selected program.</p> <p>The timer allows to start the washing cycle at most convenient time. This function is especially useful for starting the program at night, when lower electricity tariffs are in effect.</p>

3 in 1 Cleansers

All Flavia dishwashers allow for the use of 3 in 1 cleansers. For the best washing and drying performance Flavia recommends the use of these cleansers with the programs lasting for 60 and more minutes.

LED Inner Light

LED bulb inside the machine lights up when door opens. The lighting of the interior facilitates filling of salt, filter cleaning, loading and unloading of dishes.

Infolight Indicator

The Infolight is a special indicator located at the bottom of the dishwasher to inform the user about the beginning and the end of a washing and drying cycle. At the beginning of the cycle the beam of light is directed downwards, to the floor. At the end of work, the beam goes out. TheInfolight indicator is especially relevant for dishwashers, fully built into the cabinet and operating almost silently.

Child proof system

Child proof system prevents children from accidentally opening the door while the dishwasher is operating so that the child cannot get burned by hot air, cut with sharp objects or change the operating mode of the machine.


The electronic anti-leakage system AQUASTOP ensures maximum safety for the use of the dishwasher. The AQUASTOP system monitors the water supply with a double filler hose and the sensor located in the machine's dry tray instantly responses and blocks the water supply in the event of a leak or overflow, thus ensuring maximum safety for the use of the dishwasher.

Breathing filter

A breathing filter reduces the formation of bubbles in the sprinklers and in the tubes. This allows to reduce the noise level by 3 dB, ensure a steady flow of water from the nozzles and improve the quality of washing by 4%.

Extra drying

The Extra Drying function considerably enhances the performance of drying mode of the dishwasher. By increasing the drying temperature the best result is obtained, which is especially effective when loading a large number of plastic utensils and cutlery. The EXTRA DRYING function not only guarantees perfect drying, but also provides additional disinfection.


The water purity sensor AQUA SENSOR determines the clarity of the water and the purity of the dishes. Rinsing is repeated to achieve the best washing results. If the transparency of water corresponds to certain pre-set level, the clean water remaining in the machine is reused for the next washing cycle, and additional rinsing is canceled.

½ Load Function

Half load function reduces the consumption of water and electricity, if lesser number of tableware items are needed to be washed. When using the Half-Load function dishes can be loaded into any basket of the dishwasher. The consumption of water, energy and cleanser is also reduced

Express Wash

With the Express Wash function, the time required for the washing cycle is reduced by 30% while maintaining the perfect wash performance. You don’t need to wait for a clean dishes, now it is always at hand!

S-Type Sprinklers

Due to the new S-shape of the sprinklers, the water feed holes are located along a curved line and move along different trajectories, thus increasing the spray area. This creates a multi-dimensional water flow effect; water flows are fed into all parts of the chamber, allowing for more efficient removal of dirt from all tableware. By increasing the efficiency of washing the consumption of electricity is considerably reduced.

Dual height adjustable upper basket

More comfort when placing large items at different levels. The upper basket can be adjusted in height by using special guides, which makes it easy to place even non-standard dishes. And the Dual Space adjustment method using movable locks makes it possible to change the height of the basket even when it is loaded with tableware!


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  • The warranty period for all FLAVIA dishwashers starts from the date of sale and is 12 (twelve) months.

  • Warranty service is performed in authorized service centers only.

  • All FLAVIA products are certified in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.
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